ΣΥΝTHESIS Lab – Εργαστήριο σύνθεσης ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής “Beatmaking Syllabus” με τον Kebzer

ΣΥΝTHESIS Lab – Εργαστήριο σύνθεσης ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής “Beatmaking Syllabus” με τον Kebzer

Το πρώτο εργαστήριο Beatmaking στη Λέσβο έρχεται 16 Δεκεμβρίου και φιλοξενείται στον βιωματικό πολυχώρο τέχνης “Λευκό Χαρτί” στην Μυτιλήνη από την καλλιτεχνική ομάδα “ΣΥΝTHESIS”.

Καλεσμένος ένας από τους πιο καταξιωμένους έλληνες καλλιτέχνες & Beatmakers με καταγωγή από την Λέσβο ο Kebzer (Ηχοκρατορία) .

Οι συμμετέχοντες θα έρθουν σε επαφή με εξοπλισμό synths, drum machines κ.α.

Κρατήσεις θέσεων: & στο

Γενική είσοδος: 20 ευρώ, μειωμένη είσοδος 10 ευρώ (άνεργοι, φοιτητές, μαθητές) με την επίδειξη σχετικού πάσου.
Ηλικίες συμμετοχής: 15 ετών +
Προσέλευση: Ώρα προσέλευσης 09:30, το εργαστήριο θα ξεκινήσει 10:00 ακριβώς.
Διάρκεια: 4 ώρες

Όλα τα έσοδα θα διατεθούν για τις πολιτιστικές δράσεις του ΣΥΝTHESIS.


  1. Introduction to Beat Making (30min)
  • History of the home studio
  • Early equipment
  • Applications in music industry
  1. The basics of Beat Making (30min)
  • Sampling
  • Adding melodies
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  1. Tools of trade (1.5hrs)
  • Samplers (12bit/16bit)
  • Drum machines / grooveboxes
  • Synthesizers (analog/digital)
  • MIDI
  • Monitors/Room treatment
  • Recorders
  • Mics
  • DAW
  • Outboard FX (rack/pedal)
  • Eurorack/500 series
  1. Application (1.5hrs)
  • Basic drumkit
  • Adding bass
  • Melodies
  • Adding FX
  • Mixing
  • Recording


Kebzer is a Beatmaker, Turntablist, Graffiti Writer & Music Producer from Athens, Greece, specializing in the New York rap sound of the ’90s.

Born & raised in Mitilini, Lesvos, he was first introduced in Hip Hop back in 1993, captivated by the colorful & many iterations of the arts in HipHop, later known as 4 elements. He begun his journey as a Graffiti writer in 1996, and by the time he moved out in Edinburgh, UK for his studies in 2000, he finally had access to the essential tools for him to try out his next adventure in HipHop, beatmaking. First starting in HipHop Ejay, Cooledit Pro & Reason, he soon realized that sampling would be his area of expertise, following on the footprints of his favorite producers, Pete Rock & DJ Alx. Meanwhile, in 2003 and after watching the documentary SCRATCH, he also dipped in the world of technical DJing/ Turtntablism, allowing him to incorporate the ethics of DJing to his beatmaking approach. By 2007, and after exploring the realms of DAWs & VSTs, he switched to hardware-based beatmaking and got his first gear, an Akai MPC2000XL, a decision that would define his sound & character for the decades to come.

Student & music partner of DJ Alx (Terror X Crew), they re-started in 2009 the music label Ihokratoria, now the oldest surviving Rap label in Greece, where they produced multiple albums during the 2010s, including several hits in the Youtube era. Defacto part of the European sampling community, he shaped his sound entirely around Greek samples, following on the teachings & footsteps of his mentor, and focused in completing a trilogy of instrumental albums in that concept, a feat that represents his philosophy in HipHop: bring that NYC flavor in line with the Balkan heritage surrounding us. Inevitably exposed also to the UK urban sounds, the influence of Jungle & Dub can be easily identified in his sound, as well as the filtering techniques of House music. His attributes can also be traced back to the Detroit legacy of J Dilla, LA beatscene and Chicago Juke/Footwork.

Also, an avid samplers & 19” rack units collector, he has become the go-to person for advice in studio gear, as well as repairs & workarounds using such equipment. His personal choice of gear remains his Akai MPC2000XL, as we well as the E-MU SP1200 & EMAX, Ensoniq ASR-10 & Kurzweil K2500. When mixing, he’s still using his Tascam M216 mixer paired with various outboards like the Lexicon PCM60, Roland SDE-3000, Korg Stage Echo, Eventide Eclipse, Sansamp PSA 1 & his first ever 19” unit, an Alesis 3630. When going ITB, Cockos Reaper paired with an Apogee Ensemple are the preferred combination of tools used.

ΣΥΝΤΗΕSIS – Electronic music community of Lesvos

ΣΥΝTHESIS, μια καλλιτεχνική ομάδα αφιερωμένη σε όλους τους φίλους του ηλεκτρονικού ήχου που βρίσκονται στη Λέσβο. Στόχος της ομάδας είναι να φέρει κοντά τους ανθρώπους με το ίδιο πάθος για την ηλεκτρονική μουσική, να δημιουργήσει μουσικές δράσεις, να εκπαιδεύσει και να προσφέρει έμπρακτα στο οικοσύστημα της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής & του πολιτισμού στο νησί της Λέσβου και στην Ελλάδα.

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