Site General Assistant (Reception) – Lesvos

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Site General Assistant (Reception)
Seconded to the Municipality of Mytilene

Terms of Reference

Job Title: General Site Assistant (Reception)
Location: Kara Tepe, Lesvos, Greece
Supervisor: Site Manager

The main objective of all Site General Assistants is to support and take direction from the Kara Tepe Site Manager to ensure the smooth running of the site, the safety & security of all persons on site (residents, staff, volunteers and authorized visitors), and orderly and timely provision of basic services and assistance on site – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Site General Assistants work an 8-hour shift, and demonstrate flexibility to cover any 8-hour shift as requested. Site General Assistants will coordinate with all relevant stakeholders as requested – police, hospital, government authorities and humanitarian organizations – and directly reports to the Kara Tepe Site Manager. Site General Assistants dedicated to reception should be responsible for the coordination and the facilitation of the activity.

In more detail, duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Updates and shares Kara Tepe residence list with UNHCR on a daily basis.
  • Undertake, support and facilitate transfers from Moria RIC to Kara Tepe based on the Eligibility criteria, as per relevant Standard Operational Procedures.
  • Operate jointly (UNHCR and Municipality staff) every Tuesday and Thursday the Transfer Desk from 10:00 to 13:00
  • Reception of requests for transfer to the mainland and ESTIA Lesvos;
  • Eligibility assessment and referral to ESTIA or State-run sites/IOM Hotels in mainland;
  • Compilation of Kara Tepe transfers lists;
  • Share State-run site lists with Reception and Identification Services (RIS)
  • Communication with RIS, follow up and feedback mechanism of cases for transfer
  • Update of transfers lists
  • Support the outreach/info provision for departures of Kara Tepe residents to ESTIA (Lesvos and Mainland) and State-run sites/IOM Hotels in mainland.
  • Support the loading of persons of concern into buses in Kara Tepe, the distribution of asylum booklets and tickets in Kara Tepe or at the port.
  • Physical presence (if needed) at the port for crowd control and embarkation of persons of concern to the ferry
  • Maintain and respect the confidentiality of discussions which take place between the Municipality and others (residents/visitors, organizations, volunteers) at all times, both at and out of the workplace.
  • Immediately report any problems or irregularities to the Site Management and/or other relevant colleagues, and execute actions as instructed by the Site Manager.
  • Submit reports and communicate daily highlights and concerns of workday to the Site Management and other relevant colleagues as required.
  • Work together as a team to carry out any other duties as requested by the Site Manager.
  • Support other team members in tasks as requested by Site Manager to cover gaps or absences.

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